Gas Bench Ⅱ-IRMS磷酸法在线测定水中溶解无机碳碳同位素分析条件及影响因素

采用Gas Bench Ⅱ-IRMS对水中溶解无机碳碳同位素在线测定影响因素进行研究,确立了分析方法。通过对影响因素的研究确定了水中溶解无机碳碳同位素测试的最佳平衡时间;样品水中溶解无机碳浓度与样品测试的信号强度呈明显正相关;测试过程中色谱柱温度的高低不仅会影响样品峰的出峰时间,还会影响样品峰宽、峰高及峰积分面积等,影响最终测试结果。为了确保水中溶解无机碳碳同位素测试方法的准确性与可行性,进行了方法试验验证,水中溶解无机碳碳同位素比值(δ13C)的测定值与验证单位给出的δ13C测定值相一致,此测试方法具有可行性。在线测试的高效率和小样量与传统方法比较有显著优势,这为拓展同位素分析技术的应用领域...

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Volume: 36
Main Author: 唐伟 王华 蓝高勇 杨会 吴夏 涂林玲 应启和
Format: Journal Article
Language: Chinese
Place of publication: 国土资源部、广西岩溶动力学重点实验室/联合国教科文组织国际岩溶研究中心/中国地质科学院岩溶地质研究所,广西桂林,541004 2017
published in: Zhongguo yan rong Vol. 36; no. 3; pp. 419 - 426
Data of publication: 2017
ISSN: 1001-4810
Alternate Title: A study on the test conditions and influence factors in online-phosphoric acid method for carbon isotopes of dissolved inorganic carbon compounds in water samples by Gas Bench Ⅱ-IRMS
Classification Codes:
Discipline: Geography
Bibliography: 45-1157/P
TANG Wei, WANG Hua, LAN Gaoyong, YANG Hui, WU Xia, TU Linling, YING Qihe (Institute of Karst Geology, CAGS/ Key Laboratory of Karst Dynamics ,MLR &GZAR/ The International Research Center on Karst under the Auspices of UNESCO, Guilin, Guangxi 541004, China)
dissolved inorganic carbon(DIC)in the water samples; carbon isotope(δ13C); test methods; Gas Bench Ⅱ-IRMS
The objects of this paper is to determine the test conditions and influencing factors in online-phosphoric acid method by using Gas Bench Ⅱ-IRMS for carbon isotopes of dissolved inorganic carbon compounds in water samples.The equilibrium time,chromatographic column,sample condition,sample volume and the reaction temperature were analyzed comprehensively.The conclusions were as follows,(1)The best equilibrium time of the dissolved inorganic carbon isotope in the water sample was identified.(2)There is obviously positive correlation between inorganic carbon concentration and the sample test signal intensity.(3)In the process of sample testing,the t
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