The encyclopaedia of Islam

prep. by a number of leading orientalists ... under the patronage of the International Union of Academies

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Format: Journal
Language: English
Publication period: New ed. 1.1960 - 11.2002; 12.2004=Suppl.; Subj. Ind. 2005; Glossary Ind. 2006; Index Vol. 2008; ; [3. ed.]=2007 -
Different title: EI 3
EI three
¬The encyclopaedia of Islam three
Nebent: EI three
Nebent: ¬The encyclopaedia of Islam three
Detailed title references: Franz. Ausg.: Encyclopédie de l'Islam
CD-ROM-Ausg.: ¬The encyclopaedia of Islam
Online-Ausg.: Encyclopaedia of Islam
Data of publication: Leiden [u.a.] , 1960-
ISSN: 1873-9830
EISSN: 1573-3912
Dewey Decimal Classification: 290
Discipline: Religion
History & Archaeology
Subject heading strings: IslamWörterbuch
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