Band topologies of hexaborides CaB6 and EuB6

<正>In last decades,topological materials[1-3]have attracted lots of research interest.Topological Kondo insulator(TKI)[4],as an exotic quantum state,has been proposed theoretically in two hexaborides Sm B6and Yb B6,in which there is a d/f(p)band inversion at momentum point X[5].There a...

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Main Author: Zhi Li Shu-Yu Ning Hai Bin Su Toshiaki Iitaka Xin Yu Yang Jiu-Xing Zhang Tohyama Takami
Format: Journal Article
Language: English
Place of publication: 2017
published in: Science China. Physics, mechanics & astronomy no. 1; pp. 82 - 85
Data of publication: 2017
ISSN: 1674-7348
EISSN: 1869-1927
Alternate Title: Band topologies of hexaborides CaB6 and EuB6
Discipline: Physics
Bibliography: Zhi Li;Shu-Yu Ning;Hai Bin Su;Toshiaki Iitaka;Xin Yu Yang;Jiu-Xing Zhang;Tohyama Takami;School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hefei University of Technology;Division of Materials Science, Nanyang Technological University;Institute of Advanced Studies, Nanyang Technological University;Computational Astrophysics Laboratory,RIKEN;Department of Applied Physics, Tokyo University of Science
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